Credits for the Pictures on this Site

At the moment all of the pictures on this site are either from old eBay auctions or images I scanned in from pamphlets. I would prefer to replace the eBay images with pictures that are donated that I have permission to use. This site is always a work in progress and is intended to help collectors ID and organize their collections. Sometimes the sets are hard to describe making visuals very useful. At the moment this website is very new and needs A LOT of work. I would love help from collectors, including scans from the backs of cards, pamphlets, and dealer catalogs. If you have any pictures to donate, contact me through e-mail. Any I use will be credited here. When possible, try to take the picture in good lighting and with a solid color background. Any of the images scanned from packages and pamphlets of Quints dolls are of course copyright of Tyco. One further note: None of these pictures are from my collection so do not e-mail asking to buy any of them. I recommend looking on eBay.

There are of course many more that I am going to add as I remember them. If you have any of your images on this site that I haven't credited or that you wish deleted, contact me.

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